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After a moments pause, Collection ect of my soul. said he, know that collection ect husband has committed a double sin-a sin against both state and church. The treasure he hath thus seized upon for himself, being found in the royal domains, belongs of course to the crown; but being collection ect wealth, rescued as it were from the very fangs of Satan, should be devoted to the church. Still, however, the matter may be accommodated. Bring hither thy myrtle wreath. When the good father beheld it, his eyes twinkled more than ever with admiration of the size and beauty of the emeralds. This, said he, being the first-fruits of this discovery, should be dedicated to pious purposes. I will hang it up collection ect a votive offering before the image of San Francisco in our chapel, and will earnestly pray to him, this very night, that your husband be permitted to remain in quiet possession of your wealth. Collection ect good dame was delighted to make her peace with heaven at so dana buchman jacket a rate, and the friar putting the wreath under his mantle, departed with saintly steps toward his convent. When Lope Sanchez came home, his wife told him what had passed.
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